Chris Ingalls, a Landscape Architect by profession, has designed our urban and rural landscapes for the last 18 years. His design background has also provided opportunities from furniture construction to that of a mid-century modern-inspired home featured in Sunset magazine (Feb. 2008).

Painting has allowed Chris to interpret his surroundings in both impressionistic and abstract styles. While his paintings exhibit an understatement of simplicity, many are choreographed as individual panels pieced together to form a visually stimulating mosaic that plays on light and texture.

Earlier themes used oil pastel for depth and emotion while the most recent paintings use acrylic in repetitive textural rhythm. Thick impasto layers are applied to relieve the two dimensionality of the surface and reach out to the viewer. The mosaic panels are woven into graphic geometry which visually define themselves and reflect the changing light.

The paintings seen herein are examples of the simplistic elegance yet bold abstractions that Chris Ingalls has created.